Welcome to the Story


Click here to get the Black Jack app for your iPad

Created by Emmy®-winning writer A.R. Witham, Black Jack: A Moving Novel is an original sci-fi adventure novel that tells the story of Jack Swift, a teenage genius kidnapped into a mysterious world and forced into a battle of science vs. magic to find his way back home.

This is the world’s first Moving Novel, an original interactive manuscript that comes to life over 600+ pages of original story and 350+ groundbreaking animations, sound cues and visual effects, exclusively on the iPad.

“It is an awesome experience to create something for the first time,” says Witham, a veteran of film, books, television, radio & advertising and the creator of the app.  “If I had this book when I was fifteen years old, nothing would have been able to drag me away from it.  That’s what young people need right now – something amazing to make reading fun.”

Experience a book unlike anything you have ever read: a 21st century masterpiece of storytelling, designed and lovingly created by world-class experts in their craft.

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Click here to get the first chapters of Black Jack: A Moving Novel for your iPad, Free

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