The Maiden Voyage of Black Jack

After weeks of animating, months of programming, and years of storytelling, Black Jack finally launched last Monday.


Let’s BURN this candle!

Normally in an article like this, the writer would wait until the end and do a heartfelt “…and most of all (meaningful pregnant pause) I want to thank you…(wipes tear from eye)…the reader.”


It’s hard to see the little people through all the mascara.

Screw that.  I’m thanking you first.  You have taken an interest in the story, in the app, and the whole giant cornucopia of awesomeness that is Black Jack: A Moving Novel.   Without you guys this whole thing stinks on ice.  Most of you nutjobs picked this thing up without knowing me, or anything about the book – you did it on an act of faith because you like new stories.  So do I.  Thanks for checking out the book, I hope you freakin’ love it.


Fist bump.

I also want to thank the reviewers.  Without these guys, nothing new ever gets noticed.   Stuart Dredge at The Guardian put it in his Top 20 ListPhil Hornshaw at Appolicious put it in his article above Star Wars and LEGO.   Brett Nolan did the same by placing it at the top of a pile of 16 apps (including Cut the Rope 2 and Republique) in his article for AppAddict.  And then there’s Katy Zane at AppAdvice.  Katy was so kind to us that she actually spent 75 minutes on the phone with me the weekend before launch, talking about storytelling and what it means to make it appealing for a new generation of readers.  It was one of those discussions where you geek out and have a passionate discussion about something you love.  It was a blast.


Sometimes you love books so much they love you back.

For my team:  Matlock Alexander, Brian Sergi, Vance Vaden, Bobby Giles & Tara Young thank you for your artistry. Ben Ericsen & Rick Such, thank you for repeatedly attacking the sound effects until everyone fell in love.  Casey Cordry, thank you for being my security net (and sometimes my security blanket).  Vince, thank you for keeping the ball moving.  Turner, thank you for being the first man to breathe life into the text.  Eric, thank you for showing me what a man of character looks like by sticking to your word long past the point where any mortal man would have thrown in the towel.  And lastly, Ryan Wing:  Thank you for believing in me.  I’m a better man for knowing you.


This is what it looks like when the Black Jack team assembles.

All right, enough warm and fuzzy stuff.  If you like Black Jack: A Moving Novel, please share it with your friends.  Research has shown that people who share the app are more likely to win a speedboat, and 97% more attractive to the opposite sex.  Get on it.

BJ Logo

Click here to get Black Jack FREE for your iPad.

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