Passion Counts

Once upon a time, in the thrilling days of yesteryear, there was a thing called the Big Wheel.  It wasn’t like other tricycles.  Oh no.  It had…wait for it…a BIG WHEEL.


The definition of awesome.

It was different from other tricycles.  It was better.  It had all three  primary colors (ALL of them!)  It weighed about an eighth of a pound so you could drag it anywhere.  The wheels made cool sounds like a grown-up car.  It had the finest braking system in the world: your feet.


Check out that seating.  O, yeah.

But most importantly of all, the Big Wheel was built to take whatever punishment an eight-year-old kid could think to inflict on it.

 “Tell Mom I want Spaghetti-Os for dinneeeeeerrr!”

The point is that once Danny-Down-The-Street got one, it was Game Over for any other trike.  Three-wheeled Schwinns and Huffys littered the streets of our neighborhood as kids abandoned them in the gutters.  We loved our Big Wheels, we absolutely loved them.  Nothing else would do.  It gave us a sense of adventure and wonder at what could happen next.

85 Sweet Big Wheel JumpFly, kid.  Fly.

That’s the kind of passion and enthusiasm I am hearing from you guys about Black Jack.  The readers that have read all 20 chapters are wildly enthusiastic.   One reader commented that she read the entire novel in a single sitting.  Some of you have read it twice already, despite the fact that is hasn’t been out a month.  You are saying very, very nice things to me (and thank you!), but more importantly, those of you who love the app really love it.  You’ve found something that makes you wonder what could happen next.


It’s hard to find something that you love as much as a Big Wheel (or whatever your Big Wheel was) and it’s a rare thing to find something that makes us genuinely passionate.  That kind of wild-eyed enthusiasm and excitement is something we all carry happily in our hearts.


Sometimes for the rest of our lives.


Thanks for sharing Black Jack: A Moving Novel with your friends.  Research has shown that people who share the app are more likely to win a Monkey Island (yes, an island made of monkeys), and are 97% more attractive to the opposite sex.  Get on it.

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