A.R. Witham

About the Author

A.R. Witham is a multiple Emmy® and PromaxBDA award-winning writer.  He has written for film, television, radio, print & advertising and has never had what he would consider an actual job.  He spent a few years working for Quentin Tarrantino during the making of Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Four Rooms, White Man’s Burden and From Dusk Till Dawn.   Quentin’s head of development was responsible for getting Mr. Witham an agent, and for the next 8 years he was paid to write action screenplays (including the Ice-T & Christopher Lambert cult hit Mean Guns) that usually wound up as a paperweight for other screenplays.  He and his best pal Brian wrote a comedy guide called The Dictionary of Uncomfortable Words as an excuse to get together on the weekends.  In recent years, he has been seduced by advertising and the fun & challenge of a 30-second story.  (It is difficult for him not to tell stories.)

From A.R. Witham

“Black Jack:  A Moving Novel is the fulfillment of a lifelong endeavor.  I have always imagined a “magic book” that was wrapped in thick leather and metal, and when you opened the pages, it breathed and came alive.  (I don’t think I’m the only person who has imagined it; I’m pretty sure you have too.)  I am extremely grateful to the talented artists who have lent their skills and magic to the creation of Black Jack, and hope you find a story worth reading in addition to the experience you’ve always dreamed of with that magic book.”

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Proceeds from Black Jack will be used to adopt an orphaned child.  (James 1:27)

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