From Emmy®-winning writer AR Witham comes the world’s first Moving Novel, built especially for all those who love adventure.  Exclusively for iPad.

Jack Swift killed his father.

It was an accident, but Jack was responsible.  Now he lives a life shuffled between filthy foster homes, moved from family to family like a half-forgotten shadow.   Blessed with a photographic memory, cursed by the murder he cannot forget, Jack Swift is trapped in a nightmare of his own making.

Until one night…a mysterious figure kidnaps him to a world he does not know, demanding skills he does not have.  Now Jack Swift is on the run from monsters, hounded for his blood, swindled, stabbed and Shanghaied, searching for the way to reach the one place he never thought he’d want to be…

back home.

Join the greatest adventure story ever told on an iPad:

Black Jack

The World’s First Moving Novel.

BJ Logo

Click here to get the Black Jack app for your iPad

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