How do I get to the menu?  Just tap the center of the screen on any non-animated page.

How do I get out of the menu?  Again, just tap the center of the screen.  Or, at the bottom of the menu tab there is red text that says Return to Reading.  Hit that.

When does the Map change?  The map changes depending on where you are in the story.   Chapter 6 is where the real map starts.  At some points Jack makes notations on the map Benjamin gave him, and new notes appear.  If you want to look at the original map the way Benjamin drew it, Chapter 6 is the place.

How can I get AR Witham to come visit my school or business and talk about creativity and innovation?  Glad you asked.  It’s his favorite thing to do (other than write).  Please contact gloria@movingnovel.com for scheduling and information.

I want to show my buddy one of the cool animations.  Can I get to one without flipping thru the whole chapter?  You sure can.  Go to the Table of Contents tab in the Menu and flip to the chapter where  the animation happened.   There will be a button with the title of the animation.  Hit it and enjoy.

Can I just buy the whole book at the same time instead of buying chapter-by-chapter?  During the first few chapters you are given the opportunity to buy chapter-by-chapter or the entire book.  It is less expensive to buy the book all at once and you can use the extra money for a delicious cheeseburger.

Should I punch my sister?  No.  It depends.  What did she do?  And can you get away with it?

There’s something I don’t like about the app.  Should I put it in a review on iTunes?  To be honest, we would rather you contact us directly at gloria@movingnovel.com.  We want to fix every glitch we can find, and if you find one we absolutely want to hear about it.  But when we get bad ratings in the app store, that hurts our credibility, and that makes it more difficult for us to do a second book.

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