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The reviews are incredible!  Click here to get Black Jack FREE for your iPad.



“What makes the app so unique is its engaging and immersive presentation of an original story with animated illustrations and visual and audio effects that take over what feels like a standard leather-bound novel, with turnable pages. The result is something rather special.” –Brett Nolan


AppAdvice: We Chatted With The Creator Of ‘Black Jack: A Moving Novel’ Who Makes Reading An Even Better Experience

“Black Jack: A Moving Novel (Free) by Sonar Studios, Inc. is how a book on an iPad should be done…It’s more than words on a screen. Reading a moving novel is a way to immerse yourself in the text. You begin to experience the book, rather than just read it…There’s more that I wish I could explain about this app. I can’t cover all the features that it offers. Most of all, I can’t adequately convey how different it is to read a book in this format. I can’t take my experience and hand it over to you. All I can tell you is that the experience is worth it and that you won’t be sorry you took the dive.”  –Katy Zane


The Guardian – 20 best iPhone and iPad apps and games this week

“This looks very exciting for anyone interested in how tablet fiction may evolve beyond purely apeing physical books. Billed as “the world’s first moving novel”, it’s the work of author AR Witham: a fantasy tale with impressive animations dotted throughout, as well as an ever-evolving map and the promise of the ability to chat with other readers, and the author himself. The first instalment is free so you can get a taste for it.” – Stuart Dredge


New iPhone apps worth downloading: Black Jack: A Moving Novel, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Ski Safari: Adventure Time

“What’s cool?  Start your week with a dose of fantasy storytelling in Black Jack: A Moving Novel. The book leverages the power of the iPad to combine text with audio cues, animation and interaction to make the story more than just words on a page.”  – Phil Hornshaw


“Black Jack”: The E-Book Experience Your iPad Was Made For

“I tried out the first chapter and was blown away. I say again: Black Jack is the ebook experience your iPad was made for…I can honestly say this is the most fun reading experience I’ve had on the iPad.”  – Dallin Tippets

Black Jack App Icon

Click here to get Black Jack FREE for your iPad.

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