superman-imagesWhen I work on the house, I wear an old Superman T-Shirt I bought at ComicCon many, many moons ago.  It’s covered in paint and ratty as can be, but it’s my work-shirt and that’s just the way it is.  Makes me feel like I can tackle any chore.

looks-like-a-job-for-supermanThe Boy (now 2 years old) was helping me work, then got distracted by a flock of geese that hang out by our pond.  He chased them around for a while, then got tired and wanted me to chase them.  I hunkered down (I’m best when I hunker) and said “Let me tell you a secret, son.  You are never going to catch those geese.  They can run faster than you, they will hiss at you and they will bite you.  But most of all, they can fly.”

He looked me in the eye, pointed right at my shirt and said “But Daddy can fly.”

There’s a short window in your life when your children think you can fly…there’s a short window in their lives when they really do think you’re Superman.

Lord, how my son makes me want to be as good as he thinks I am.


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